FARSPORTS at Rouleur Live Recap

FARSPORTS at Rouleur Live Recap

Hi everyone,

This is Jam from FARSPORTS writing to you on my flight back from Rouleur Live 2023.

If you have not heard, Rouleur Live is a London based bike show that attracts the finest cycling brands as well as high profile cyclists such as Geraint Thomas, Annemiek van Vleuten, Vincenzo Nibali to name a few.

FARSPORTS is humbled and honored to be part of this celebration. Nothing is more motivating than meeting our customers and cyclists around the world.

FARSPORTS at Rouleur Live 2023

Rouleur Live claims to be ‘the world’s best cycling show’ – what a high standard! To meet that expectation, FARSPORTS worked hard with all our partners to bring the best we have to offer. I would like to take a moment to walk through the centerpiece of our presentation: a mystery bike!

FARSPORTS Bike at Rouleur Live

We saw that there are many talks around this bike and we would like to provide more context.

To address the elephant in the room, the frame. This is not a FARSPORTS product. Our partner has lent us this concept prototype to showcase at Rouleur Live as an attention-grabber. Many people have drawn parallels to Trek Madone because of the cutout in the seatpost area. However, that’s also where the similarity ends according to our partner.

"The cutout on this bike is carefully designed to add more damping, unlike Madone’s cutout, which is to create better airflow for aerodynamics. In a sport where 90% of the air drag comes from the rider, improving aero at the expense of ride comfort will only result in marginal gains."

The frame is fitted with our upcoming F1x handlebar: even lighter from our best seller F1s handlebar without sacrificing aerodynamics and stiffness. F1x Handlebar will be available on the website for sale next week (on November 17th).

FARSPORTS F1x Handlebar

FARSPORTS F1x Handlebar Installed on the bike

The bike equipped with our top-of-the-line EVO6 wheelset equipped CeramicSpeed bearings. They are paired with 25mm GP5000 tanwall tires. The bladed carbon spokes are lightweight, aero and stiff. This resulting in a faster acceleration out of the last corner when it matters the most. This combination is optimized for a long road stage race. If criterium is more of your thing, you can consider running our S5 wheels with 28mm GP5000 or Vittoria Corsa for the extra grip.


On the same bike, we also showcase some of our partner's products: Neutron crankset and cassette.

FARSPORTS Rouleur Live 2023 Booth

We hope you enjoy this walk-through of our Rouleur Live 2023 product lines. It’s definitely been an experience of a lifetime. If you have stopped by our booth, thank you! Please show your photos with us on Instagram. We hope to connect with you soon!


FARSPORTS team at Rouleur Live 2023

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