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FARSPORTS EVO from the top-down provides more speed, stiffness, and acceleration than ever before. Tested to qualities even higher than UCI standards, the EVO lives up to its name - a true evolution in terms of sheer speed, stiffness, and reliability.

Lightweight, High-quality materials ensure the EVO is as light as possible and excels at power transfer, which means it accelerates fast. Once at speed, the carbon fiber spokes and labyrinth hub design help ensure maximum stiffness and stability during even the most frantic sprints.

This wheelset is the flagship product, an ode to bike racing from all FARSPORTS engineers.

No bells and whistles. It is, simply, the best.

No bells and whistles. FARSPORTS EVO Serries is, simply, the best.


Everyone loves our products.

"FARSPORTS wheels are the stiffest and lightest wheels I've ever ridden. It's a climber's dream and has helped me snatch many QOMs."

Emily A, Austin, TX

"The FARSPORTS wheels are lightweight and durable. I can fully trust them on technical terrain and have confidence in the sketchiest of turns."

Tanya P, Philadelphia, PA

"FARSPORTS wheels are the best wheels at its price. They helped me sail through my first Iron Man 140.6 bike leg with ease and in style."

Thomas W., Seattle, Washington

"These wheels are the best bang for the buck! Once I put the power down, these wheels just want to roll forever."

Stephen D., Los Angeles, CA