Founded by passionate Cyclists


Today, FARSPORTS is an innovative, cutting-edge manufacturer of carbon cycling components. But how did we get here?

Like any great company, FARSPORTS was once just an ambitious idea. FARSPORTS was founded in 2007 by a small group of young, passionate cyclists focused on creating the best carbon wheelsets that they could, using only the highest-quality materials and meticulous engineering. 

product first

As lovers of the sport, our team is dedicated to constantly pushing the limits of cycling experience through innovations in our designs.

Through years of investing in R&D, perfecting our manufacturing processes, and listening to user feedback, FARSPORTS has become a pioneer in the carbon wheelset manufacturing. We have since revolutionized the carbon wheel industry in China and led the “innovating in China” movement in the cycling space.

We believe FARSPORTS is defined by our craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and innovative engineering. 

FARSPORTS were founded by Mae and Zhongxun Li,two siblings who have years of experience in carbon fiber manufacturing. They were later joined by Jam, the head engineer and product leader, to deliver the best riding experience to cyclists.

FARSPORTS factory is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in China. It is now considered the hub for carbon wheel manufacturing.

FARSPORTS is not just a brand. It is also a factory. That's how FARSPORTS is able to iterate fast on wheel designs.