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Hambini Approved: FARSPORTS Ventoux C6 Wheelset

The Ventoux C6 Wheelset has been approved by...a five-year old?!


Oh Wait…I forgot…I am not an aerospace engineer…

For those of you who may not get the reference, Hambini is a UK-based engineer that has been debunking lots of the marketing claims surrounding bicycle industry. Although a self-claimed 5-year-old, Mr.Hambini’s brutal honesty has built him a big following.

If you are into reviews from an engineering perspective, maybe you will be interested what Hambini has to say about the FARSPORTS Ventoux C6 Wheelset.

Read Hambini's full review on the Ventoux C6 Wheelset here.

Note: The wheel decal design shown in this video is only available in select countries and regions.


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