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In the past 3 years, while others are releasing 'gravel-specific' wheelsets, we found that dedicated gravel wheels in an awkward spot. Most of the racers in 2022 Gravel world championship raced on road wheels or XC wheels. It was an eureka moment for us: the limitating factor of riding off-road was never the wheels, but the bike frame tire clearance. Therefore, instead of releasing the new Gravel specific wheelsets, we decided to make C series wheels the most versatile all-road wheels and design the ultralight XC series.

Ultralight XC Series is designed for the most epic off-road challenges like Unbound, Belgain Waffle Ride, SBT GRVL, and Leadville 100. The ultra lightweight also make them amazing for some hill climb challenge.

FARSPORTS products are designed by cyclists who happen to also be engineers. Not marketers. This is our first attempt to serve you the best off-road solution we have to offer!

FARSPORTS products are designed by cyclists who happen to also be engineers.


Everyone loves our products.

"FARSPORTS wheels are the stiffest and lightest wheels I've ever ridden. It's a climber's dream and has helped me snatch many QOMs."

Emily A, Austin, TX

"The FARSPORTS wheels are lightweight and durable. I can fully trust them on technical terrain and have confidence in the sketchiest of turns."

Tanya P, Philadelphia, PA

"FARSPORTS wheels are the best wheels at its price. They helped me sail through my first Iron Man 140.6 bike leg with ease and in style."

Thomas W., Seattle, Washington

"These wheels are the best bang for the buck! Once I put the power down, these wheels just want to roll forever."

Stephen D., Los Angeles, CA