New season, new look, and new mission.

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Why do cyclists go off-road? Instead of cruising on smooth pavement, why do they blaze new trails on two wheels? Isn’t climbing a steep hill already a challenge – then why do they make it even harder by grinding upthat gravel road? “Because the adventure is there.”

Gravel X Series is built for the free-spirited souls that are always yearning for adventure. It’s lightweight– leaving room for a big ambition; it’s robust – safeguarding your wildest detour; it’s aerodynamic too – slashing the time required to get to the trails…

Gravel X Series is an updage from original Feder Series. It is lighter and Stiffer - also compared to other available options on the market!

Go far and X-plore.


Everyone loves our products.

"FARSPORTS wheels are the stiffest and lightest wheels I've ever ridden. It's a climber's dream and has helped me snatch many QOMs."

Isabella T., Austin, TX

"The FARSPORTS wheels are lightweight and durable. I can fully trust them on technical terrain and have confidence in the sketchiest of turns."

Roz P., Philadelphia, PA

"FARSPORTS wheels are the best wheels at its price. They helped me sail through my first Iron Man 140.6 bike leg with ease and in style."

Truong W., Seattle, Washington

"These wheels are the best bang for the buck! Once I put the power down, these wheels just want to roll forever."

Stephen D., Los Angeles, CA