New season, new look, and new mission.

Imagine a future where winning is about more than who crosses the finish line first. A future where success is measured not simply by beating the competition but also by building each other up. A future where individuals grow together and empower each other to go a greater distance than they would have on their own. Farsports believes in the power of community. Farsports believes in this future - we will go far and further, together.


Attempting a new sport can be an exciting, but daunting, idea. Maybe you’re just getting into cycling, joining your first group ride, or just checking out the fitness class at a new gym. Do you remember the athlete who noticed you, waved, and gave you a warm welcome? Or the rider who kicked into ‘friendly gear’ and rode next to you? Or maybe a person who shared some gear or advice that helped you finish strong? That is what Farsports is about. We understand the importance of creating supportive, welcoming groups, and we want to build a community that -
welcomes new athletes and keeps inviting them back.


Go faster and further together
Welcome new atheletes and keep inviting them back
Deeply rooted in engineering
Committed to growing the sport of cycling
Growing the brand sustainably
Earn the reputation by providing better products