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Since 2008, Far Sports have been committed to offering custom carbon wheelsets around the world.

Since established in 2008, adhering to the tenet of ” Quality first, Customer first”, Farsports have been committed to serving various cycling riders at home and abroad. We are the first one in mainland China, importing mechanized equipment for wheelbuilding. Better equipments and more accurate procedures, more scientific to make sure each our wheelsets is high quality.

Each qualified wheelsets has at least 15 processes including inserting spokes, preadjusting spokes, truing wheels… and 3 times extra mechanical stress release until it’s enough durable and stiffness.

With the excellent and stable quality, Farsports have gotten a good reputation and recognized in lots of foreign forums.

ATA™:Anti To Aqua

Anti-water design brake surface guarantees cyclists excellent braking in any weather conditions.


HMX is a new type of material.
Hm is the Mohs hardness unit, X is Roman numeral 10, representing Mohs hardness of 10. Sandpaper is with active ingredient silicon carbide Mohs hardness of 9-9.5, the rim brake surface even has higher hardness than sandpaper, so there is no fear of friction damage.

FEA Weight Optimization

Light weight is realised by finite element analysis, while rims are still aerodynamic and with high stifness.


The unique carbon fiber molding process eliminates carbon fiber wrinkles and bubbles during the molding process. Therefore, no painting needed.


With more reliable braking performance than ordinary brakes, with stronger braking force and better high temperature resistance, Genbu™ is better for a unique riding experience.


Laser Positioned 4D Drilling
Spoke holes are positioned by laser and drilled at a most accurate specific angle.


The asymmetrical rim structure shifts the spoke holes to the non-driving side. The tension of the spokes on both sides is more balanced, getting you much better cycling experience.


The industry’s first crater-shaped spoke hole instead of drilling the carbon fibler increases about 60% more strength, so that the wheel can withstand greater impact.

Tire Fit™

Thinner claws, increasing the inner width, optimize the flow linear transition between the sidewall and the brake side, reducing air turbulence.With thinner rim edge, Rim width has been increased to better adapt to the new tyres available on the market, , guaranteeing maximum safety, aerodynamics and comfort.

Pneumatic Mechanical Stress Relief

With high pressure stress relief machine makes every operation better standardized and more controllable, wheels more even without any damage.


The unique carbon fiber spoke production process makes carbon fiber spokes no longer need glue to avoid spokes falling off due to aging of glue.

Each carbon fiber spoke has a weight of about 3.2 g, which is only half the weight of a conventional metal spoke.