2019 Kaze road rim brake,  with HXM braking surface, which is much more durable. With new technology and material, rims’ weight can be reduced 30% compared to the normal road rims.  What’s more, a preset valve hole design avoids rim structure’s second damage, more durable and stiff.
  • Ultra light full carbon rim: 700C Tubeless / Tubular

  • Rim Height: 35mm/ 40mm/45mm/50mm/55mm/69mm/79mm

  • Rim Width:   26mm(External) with 19mm(Internal)/ 28mm(External) with 21mm(Internal)

  • Rim Finish: UD/ 3K / Marble Color

  • High quality carbon wheels with HMX braking surface

  • ATA braking surface for option.

  • ***Wheels can be customized with different hubs and spokes, as well as custom logo.

Various hubs for option
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