650C road rims, Aero U shape, Lightness, Performance and Stiffness. With unique Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Molding technology, those rims have a closer carbon fiber structure, more homogeneous resin filling, a smoother rim surface, better dynamic balance and a higher stiffness as well as lighter weight. The Diamond Polishing Treatment(DPT™) allows brake pads to be directly applied on rim appearance.
  • 650C  New Alps Rim

  • Rim Height: 45mm / 88mm

  • Rim Width:  25mm(External),  18mm(Internal)

  • Rim Finish: UD/ 3K / 12K

  • High quality carbon wheels with high TG diamond brake track

  • Disc brake version available, light weight while stiff.

  • ***Wheels can be customized with different hubs and spokes, as well as custom logo.

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Dimensions 622 x 622 mm

开口, 管胎