New season, new look, and new mission.

FARSPORTS: Technology That Makes Sense!

Learn how FARSPORTS is developing empowering bicycle technology!

Do you feel the same way when reading a modern product description: fancy words, complicated charts, and technical jargon...

No matter how the commercials are trying to convince the purchase is an 'upgrade', ask yourself: is it really an upgrade? Does it pass the smell test?

At FARSPORTS, we believe that a good design should make ordinary users feel empowered while a bad design makes even the smartest people feel unqualified.

Empowering technology - that's what inspired FARSPORTS wheel hub design.

The design of the hub is so simple yet effective: the wider flange increases the lateral stiffness of the wheel; the labyrinth design that keeps the water off the bearings. That's it! The hub design makes so much sense that even a 5-year-old feels empowered to service it!

Check out the full technical review of the FARSPORTS Hub below. We hope you also feel empowered to take apart our hub and tinker!


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