New season, new look, and new mission.

FARSPORTS Carbon Rim Technology

Rim brake is not dead! Learn how FARSPORTS is bringing the confidence back to rim brake bikes.

"Rim brake is dead!" Some claimed.

They continued to list all the advantages of disc brake:

"Greater stopping power, performs well in wet conditions, less rim wear..."

At FARSPORTS, we have no dog in this fight - but we disagree with how some companies are forcefully pushing disc brake onto the consumers by making it the only available option. Therefore, we continue to develop technology that closes the performance gap between rim and disc brake as our commitment to our rim brake FARSPORTS athletes.

FARSPORTS is deeply rooted in engineering. We are always striving to improve your cycling experience.

Through years of investing in R&D, perfecting our manufacturing processes and listening to market feedback, FARSPORTS has become a pioneer in the carbon wheel space. Here is some information on the technology FARSPORTS has harnessed to make your cycling performance to the next level.


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