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FSC50-CM (50mmx20.5mm clincher)

50mm x 20.5mm Full Carbon Clincher -- M Series



50mmx20.5mm full carbon clincher 

20H/24H (16-32H for option)

Basalt braking surface

UD/3K, Matt/Glossy

ERD: 548mm

Weight: 430g/pc

Hubs for Option:

Bitex Hub A713SB/AR12(Black/ White/ Red), 305g/set

Novatec Hub A291SB/F482SB(Black/ White/Red), 315g/set

Edhub (Black/ Red), 260g/set

Yuhub Straight pull (Black), 280g/set

DT Swiss 240s /180s/ 350s hub (Black), 320g/set

(DT 240S is upgraded to 36 rachets)

EDCO Aptera Straight pull hub, 330g/set

Chris King R45 hub, 330g/set

ExtraLite hub, 180g/set


Cassette Body:

Shimano 8/9/10/11s

Or Campagnolo 10/11s

Spokes for Option:

Sapim cx-ray spoke, Black (210g/set, 44pcs)

Sapim cx-delta spoke, Black (210g/set, 44pcs)


Sapim Sils (Aluminium or Brass)

Black or red.
External or internal.


Standard: Radial for Front and Rear non-drive side

         Rear drive side--2X
Customized lacing is available

Spare Parts:

2 pairs of ceramic brake pads

1 pair of Ti-skewer

Other Specs:

Roundness: <0.2mm

Offset: <0.2mm

Max Tension: (Rim)300kgf, (Spoke); F:95kgf, R130kgf

Max pressure(Clincher)145psi/10bar, (Tubular)125psi/8.6bar.

Max Recommended Rider Weight: 100kgs


FSC50-CM (50mmx20.5mm clincher)